Food, wine and trading have been defining features of Franschhoek, the Cape's French Corner, since its founding years. A group of 176 hard working and principle-bound French Huguenots including farmers, viticulturists, and artisans found this town in 1688, and their pioneering legacy lives on. These days Franschhoek boasts S.Pellegrino World Top 50 best restaurants, award winning wine estates, and cultural attractions.

The Village Market

It is only fitting that a thriving village market continues the legacy of trading weekly high quality goods in the town centre, by providing a market space for producers, traders and buyers. We have been consistently rated as one of the best markets in the Cape region, and continue to build on the work of predecessors of the market. The market is managed by mom-and-daughter team; Elsuna and Elzahn, who revived the market in 2016. 

Art by  Elzahn Nel

Art by Elzahn Nel

French Boules

Saturdays a group of locals come to enjoy a game of Boules at the Franschhoek Village Market. They enjoy a glass of wine and some snacks to the backdrop of many “Ooh’s and Aaah’s"! Visitors stand around our Boules court and get caught up in the action of this traditional French game.  

We taught each other the game. Once a year we have a large competition and we have about 45 teams participating. Some of the teams even come from France! - Clive Venning, regular Boules player

Bastille Festival

The Village Market expands with a greater variety of traders each year in July during the Bastille Festival. During this festival we celebrate the Valley’s centuries-old French Huguenot heritage during the annual Bastille Festival.